DootDoot [Discord Bot]

Python Jan 23, 2020

DootDoot started as joke during discord hackweek contest in 2019, it was't submitted to contest as it wasn't ready in time however when finished V1 of this soundboard bot went up. Since then various updates were made mainly concerning sounds library avaible to use as well as few small new features.

DootDoot is written using Python3 and library and hosted on VPS, it became my first public bot after few attempts to write one. I continue to work on it and improve the codebase as well as adding new feature, updates althrough sparingly happen when code is ready and tested on beta branch.

DootDoot couldn't happen however without great help i got from friends early when starting out on working on voice part of bot, my friends i met online were also ones that introduced me to python language, without them i would never get intrested in it like i got, and i would never write this bot.

DootDoot Github

DootDoot webpage