Krzysztof Szypuła

Discord Soundboard Bot

A bot based on airhorn solutions. DootDoot provides sound effects to people inside discord voice channels. Bot is curently actively hosted and developed as well as publicly available. DootDoot started as idea during Discord hackathone, and was developed in V1 shortly after. It janky implementation of playing sound was improved in subsequent updates as... » read more

Bot Ogłoszeniowy - Discord (Zamknięte/Zakończone)

Simple JavaScript (using Node) written for friend. This bot was simple code meant to post annoucements to channel so moderators dont need to say anything for whole team instead using neutral user. Repository was locked after code was introduced into main bot, at that time code was already in essence finished for functionality. Github URL:... » read more

Discord - Bot (Porzucony)

First project i made, a Node JavaScript moderation bot to discord. This project was abbandoned after moving to python code. It has all basic functionality however code is far from clear and readable. Repository is archived. Compared to python rewrite it hosts additional feature for annoucements. Github URL:

Discord - bot moderacyjny (Wstrzymany)

Another unfinished project (mainly from lack of time at time) using liblary to contact discord API. It has basic moderation capacity however it dont log any actions as logging feature wasnt added. Apart from that it is fully functional. Github URL:

Discord bot (Paused development)

Unfinished project of bot for custom emote server on discord. While mainly meant to improve flow of adding new emotes created by community, it also contains basic moderation capability using discord API endpoints via rewrite library. In addition it contains command restricted to specific role that allows to use UrbanDictionary search and post RichEmbed... » read more

String Converter

Aplication build using JavaScript language with GUI written in HTML and CSS using Electron fraemwork. JavaScript uses jquerry module to handle radio buttons and math to handle randomizing capitalisation in random mode. For simple tasks such as changing string into all capital letters or all lowercase using JavaScript build in functions string.toUpperCase() and string.toLowerCase() URL... » read more

Speedtest (linia komend)

fairy simple Python aplication to handle testing internet connection speed using API. Api is contacted using python liblary to establish best server to test connection then function speetester.upload() and measure respective speeds. Results are logged to .txt file named speedlog.txt that can be opened by any file editor. Requirements: Python 3 Speedtest-cli library... » read more